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Efficient flying robot for fruit harvesting

Flying robots connected to a central platform are guaranteed to be the solution to the problem of lack of people to harvest fruit. This problem is increasing in several agricultural regions of the world, and consequently this sector is filling up with competitors who want to be part of this great business in the future.

California avocado harvest expected to increase

During 2022, California’s avocado crop is expected to increase by 15% over 2019, this as a result of good rains that occurred in December and January. This would not affect imports from Mexico and Peru, since the market is expected to be able to absorb even more volume than what currently arrives.


Florida orange production falls

Florida represents the largest orange producer in the United States, but in recent years the industry has been hit by citrus greening, better

Certification for Chihuahua Onions

Due to the recent Salmonella outbreak, which affected consumers in 37 states, Chihuahua onions will need SENASICA certification to be exported to the United States, even though the investigation has been inconclusive, since the bacteria was not found at the state’s export points.