Trading produce has never been easier

Our produce experts can help you buy and sell with a trusted counterparty.

A network of premium buyers & sellers at your fingertips

Know everything about who you're trading with

We’ve done the vetting for you. Get access to thousands of verified growers and buyers across the US, Canada and Latin America, with best in class information about their operations:

Quick, efficient financing


Growers get from $200K USD to $20MM USD up to 12 months before their harvest.


Growers get access to 96% of their shipment’s value 24 hours period at the end.

Quality produce. Delivered on time. In Full. To Spec.

More transparency, less risk

Our proprietary Trading Performance rating and tiering system provides you with confidence in your trading partner and reduces risk.


We sit between the buyer and the seller, making sure they live up to each side of the transaction. If one side of the relationship does not live up to it, the other side is protected.

On-Farm Intelligence

We perform both regular and random site visits, providing detailed reports. This helps you anticipate any unexpected changes in production and quality while reducing your need for boots on the ground.

Quick access to capital


 Expand production or cover unexpected costs.


Strengthen your cash position during harvest. 

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