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Buyers and sellers of fresh produce join our Marketplace to securely trade with a trusted counterparty.
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A verified network

Get access to thousands of verified growers across the US and Latin America, with best in class information about their operations:

Automated matchmaking

Contact us or use a simple digital RFP to establish new relationships. We use a grower’s production capacity, trading history, certifications, location, and reviews to help match you with the right one.


More transparency,
less risk

Our grower rating and tier system rules reduce the risk of a grower not fulfilling their commitment


Market insights

With ProducePay’s Insights Pro, analyze your sales performance, and compare it to real-time market prices.


Consistent quality control

We can also perform both regular and random site visits and provide you with detailed reports. This helps you anticipate any unexpected changes in production capacity and quality while reducing your need for boots on the ground.

Quick, efficient funding for growers


Growers get from $200K USD to $20MM USD up to 12 months before their harvest.


Growers get access to 96% of their shipment’s value 24 hours after its reception*

Expert support


Have a question, need help?

Our team is available to you. And in case of claims, we will help you investigate, mediate and resolve it*.
*Communication records and agreements stored in ProducePay’s platform are the basis of the resolution.

Long term relationships through personalized service​

We aim to create season-long relationships between growers and buyers that last for many years. From our boots-on-the-farm to our PACA expertise, we ensure the fulfillment of a successful first season.

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