Quick-Pay is taking financing to a whole other level

Guaranteed payment up to 96% of your invoice in just 24 hours once buyer accepts delivery.

The ProducePay difference

Immediate payback

Receive your payment in 24 hours.

Fast & easy

No complicated paperwork.

Flexible terms

Consignment or fixed price. Shipped via land, air or sea.

Protection from return risk

Once delivery is accepted and you are paid, you are done.

Strengthen your cash position

Bridge cash flow gaps during harvest season.

Buy and sell more produce. Over and over again.

Free up capital to invest into your business.

Provide flexible terms and build lasting partnerships with customers.

Now introducing

All the benefits of Quick-Pay and more:

  • We’ll fund up to 96% of your invoice in advance
  • Provides additional trade protection
  • Access to the ProducePay trading platform

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